Skipping, Jumping, Crossfit and Sexy Shoes!

Ladies, ladies, ladies! I’ve discovered the holy grail!

You’re probably not going to like what I’ve got to say today. It’s hard work. And lots of it. But I’ve managed to get myself the most amazing calves and thighs so that when I’m strutting in my sexy Lou Boutin’s with a sleek little dress, the guys are all drooling. Oh yeah!

So what my trick? It’s Crossfit! Yep, a few sessions a week of intense cardio and strength exercises are making me feel awesome and are toning my muscles and trimming the fat like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I’ve just bought myself a Crossfit jump rope so that I can practice at home too. Skipping seems to be the most beneficial part of the workout and it really works my calves, while getting my heart pumping super quick, and helping my balance and core strength. The cardio is ripping the fat off and my legs have never looked better.

I got my skipping rope on Amazon, it’s from a new brand called Inspired Fitness Gear which is run by a couple of Crossfit fanatics who wanted a better rope. They couldn’t find one so they started a business and made it themselves!

I know it sounds hard, and the first few sessions are. But it’s strangely addictive. I’m not sure if its the community and the new friends, or if it’s just that burning feeling knowing that my fat is melting away, but I friggin love Crossfit and skipping. I’m hooked… and my legs are loving it (and I’m loving my new legs!)

Sexy shoes and big fat ugly warts. Nooooo!

If there is one think i really, really hate, it’s warts on my feet. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to wear my beautiful red Lou Boutins, just because I’m in too much pain to stand in them. It’s just not on :(

I hadn’t had a wart in years, but the other day, I started to feel a little tingle on the ball of my left foot. Within a few hours it was a stabbing pain as I tried to keep my balance in my high heels.

And today, I just cant do it anymore. I’ve had to resort to tennis shoes! Shock horror!!

Luckily, Jenny put me on to her guaranteed wart removal product. It’s called Wartrol, and you buy it online. They express post it to you so you can start your treatment straight away. She swears by the stuff, so fingers crossed, she’s right and my wart will be gone in a few weeks.

Please spare me the embarrassment of being seen in public in Reeboks!

Did someone say ‘lose weight fast’?

I love those three words. Lose. Weight. Fast. !!

We all know thats never going to happen, but we still get sucked in don’t we? Yet another miracle product comes along, and we’ve just got to have it. I know I’ve got a wardrobe full of ab machines, blasters, trimmers, toners and every other bloody piece of equipment known to womankind.

But we keep on buying, just like a sexy shoe addiction.

The last one I heard about was a new miracle weight loss pill called UniqueHoodia, which is supposed to be a natural appetite suppressant. So far, it is actually keeping the food cravings at bay, so I’ll have to report back in a few weeks and see how the scales are treating me.

Of course, I’ve got the dog now too so all the walking should hopefully make some difference too.

Got to get skinny for summer. Nothing like some sexy red high heels and a bikini to get the boy’s jaws dropping.

Love you all

What are your favorite dog walking shoes?

We’ve just introduced a new poochie to the family. Its soooooo exciting!!! Our little pug puppy is just the cutest!

I’m just loving walking her, the neighbours all think shes adorable and there always a few cute guys out jogging that stop and say hi now. Not a bad perk to pet ownership, is it? :)

The problem is, how do I make sure I’m not looking like a complete dag when I’m out for a walk? I’ve just bought a great pair of Nike cross trainers, they’re no Lou Boutins but there damn comfortable and I think their pretty stylish for the situation.

Next step is to organise some puppy training for little miss gorgeous so we can head to the dog park for a play. Thats where all the hot guys hang out!

Stay sexy ladies.

Fat girl in sexy shoes. Seriously?

Well all know that I’ve got a massive shoe fetish. And who can blame me. There’s just soooo many uber sexy shoes out there to choose from.

big girl with ice cream

I always dress to impress. I can’t help it, I just like to look good. But somedays even with my stylish outfits and shiny shoes, my overly plump bum just lets me down. It’s a bit depressing actually. :(

So I’ve decided its time to do something about it. 1) I’ve joined my local gym and signed up for the body pump classes. I know that the squats will tighten up my ass! 2) I’ve picked up some Phen375 fat burner pills to help crank up my metabolism. and 3) I’ve committed myself to 30 days ice cream free! I know thats going to suck, but what can you do?!!

Here goes ladies!